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Providing you peace of mind

For today, tomorrow, and generations to come


Our Mission
Narus Financial strives to provide clarity and stability for families that choose to work with us.

We view every client as a top priority rather than a bottom line.
With that responsibility in mind, we will act with diligence, honesty, and integrity. 




Investment Management


Our goal is to build an investment portfolio that works for you.  Our philosophy focuses on time-tested and award-winning concepts of asset allocation and diversification. Contact us for a no-obligation review of your current portfolio.


Financial Planning

Have you ever tried to get somewhere without knowing what you may need ahead of time? It’s very difficult to know what type of investment portfolio may be right for you if you don’t know where you hope to end up.  Call us to get started.

Estate and Legacy Planning

As life events happen, it’s more important than ever to have an estate plan in place. We are not estate planners or tax advisors, but with our knowledge, we can help direct you to how to build a solid plan for your estate.


Divorce Planning


Our team of experts can help you pick up the financial pieces following a divorce and help you get back in the driver’s seat to take control of your wealth.

401k and Retirement Planning

Maximizing retirement savings is essential in building your wealth.  We will help you determine which retirement plan best fits your needs. Have an old 401k with your prior company? Leaving it there may not be the best strategy.  Talk with us about your options.

Personalized Service

Our passion is great service customized to your specific needs. If there is something you feel will help you be more successful, let’s work together to make it happen.

Investment Solutions


A portfolio strategy is created based on client's needs, circumstances, and risk tolerance based on our research of the current investment landscape.

Proactive Rebalancing

Ongoing monitoring is part of our process to seek balance in risk and return based on current market conditions.

Disciplined Approach

We seek to remove emotion, guesswork, and uncertainty from the investment process by using experience, research, and a measured hand. 

The Narus Team


Contact Us


Your money is too important to be left to computer programs and bots. Your success comes from the professional guidance of experienced advisors with your best interest at heart. 






1245 E Brickyward Road, Suite 160
SLC, UT 84106


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